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Why to purchase a new RO when you can get top quality Ro on Rent. Consider a premium RO on Rent in Delhi & Gurgaon from a reputable company with over 26 years of experience. You can trust their excellent after-sales service to ensure your satisfaction.

You may be facing some small issues with your RO.
Please check some Do it Yourself (DIY) Videos, that may help you to resolve your RO related issues temporarily.

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PUROMASTER is a leading provider in the water purification rental market. Our journey started in 1997 as service providers, and over time, we have become sellers, keeping up with the ever-changing trends in the industry. As pioneers, we were among the first to offer an innovative solution of RO rental services, setting the standard for others to follow. At PUROMASTER, we take pride in our success and continue to strive for excellence.

Our organization has its roots in Delhi, and we have since broadened our horizons to include Gurgaon. Our future goals include the expansion of our operations to encompass the entirety of the Delhi NCR region. Commencing from a modest office, we have made substantial strides and are now acknowledged as the foremost market leaders.

Our commitment to providing excellent and unmatched expertise is evident in our ultimate solution for clean and healthy water. We strongly believe that compromising on water quality is compromising on your overall well-being.

We are pleased to provide you with our exceptional service, giving you unlimited access to pure water for drinking, cooking, and even for your pets' needs.

Our designs and products are carefully curated to meet your high standards. Rest assured that our collection boasts a plethora of treasures, ensuring that you will undoubtedly discover the perfect one to suit your requirement.


Why renting RO is the optimal choice?

RO on Rent for Higher Capacities (usage other than drinking)
We also provide RO on Rent with higher capacities with the same high quality filters & spares. We provide Free installation, regular service &
maintenance for every RO installed on Rent by us.

Call us now to get RO with higher capacity & enjoy non-stop supply of fresh water
RO on Rent is available in different capacities
15 LPH, 25 LPH, 35 LPH, 50 LPH, 70 LPH & 100 LPH
RO with higher capacities is best for:
Restaurants, Banquet Halls, Small Factories, Big PG Houses, Schools, Offices, Call Centers & more...